Women's Easy pants

Women's Easy pants: a new conception of dressing up

Women's Easy pants is a new conception of dressing up: to feel good, comfort and elegance are its slogans. The New York Easy model was born out of this philosophy, women's chino pants low crotch are made of ethereal fabrics created of cotton and viscose. The easy pants is a hybrid piece of clothing: the low crotch and the drawstring on the waistband remind directly of the world of joggers while the clean line, the fine fabrics and the prints houndstooth, check and stripe speak of a declared elegance that is typical of the more classical type of chino pants. The New York easy are soft women's pants, perfect to meet the challenges of everyday life in a haste and can be worn with a women's silk shirt and with a winter blazer for an elegant and trendy outfit. The women's easy pants made a true revolution in the world of pants because it reinstated the lines and details of sportswear and ranked them among the highest trends.

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