Spring-Summer Preview 2021

Spring-Summer 2021: The Scent of Sea

What could be better than a beautiful summer day wearing light and comfortable clothes that make you feel free and on vacation? It does not matter where in the world you are or are where you are going, if summer is still a mirage or if you live on a wonderful beach: the important thing is that in your closet or in your luggage there is no shortage of Mason's summer selection. Impalpable chinos in cotton and tencel or in stretch satin, also perfect for formal occasions. The historic Bermuda in cotton or popelin colored or in natural tones, which are now worn with the blazer for gritty and elegant outfits and finally the Mason's cargo pants, which are those garments to be used and mistreated until they become collectible. Good summer!.

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Dynamic: clothes of technical and breathable nylon fabric

Dynamic: clothes of technical and breathable nylon fabric

Dynamic is a latest generation special nylon fabric. Technical and very fine: up to 50% thinner than ordinary cotton fabric. Dynamic is the fabric for activewear, anyway, thanks to its features, it is also ideal to make clothes for everyday use.


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