men's pants low crotch

Japan: men's pants low crotch. Mason's contemporary fit

Men's low crotch pants Japan have been designed for the exigent customer who always follows the latest fashionable trends. These winter men's pants have a tapered fit, that is to say they have shorter hems and are easier on the waist, thanks to the combined effect of the use of pinces and the lower crotch cut. Mason’s makes these clothes of cotton and viscose and of modal cotton alike as all these fabrics are perfect for people living a hectic life because they are comfortable to wear, won't wrinkle and are breathable. These men's clothes make part of a new concept for dressing up where the quality of fabrics and the softness of lines contributes to the wellbeing of those who wear it. The elegant men's pants in tapered fit can be combined with men's waistcoats and blazers to achieve an impeccable style.

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    Eagle Field Armaturato Md/co Eagle Field Man Chino Pants Textured Modal Cotton
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    Osaka Short 2 Pinces Gabardina Super Str. Osaka Short 2 Pinces Man Chino Pants 2 pinces style gabardine
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