Men's Easy pants

Men's Easy pants: Mason's casual spirit

Easy pant means wearing casual men's pants to feel comfy thanks to the fit and fabrics used. This is how these hybrid clothes having the line and details of men's sportive pants were born but expressed in many classical prints such as Prince of Wales, striped and check prints. This is not the usual type of athlete pants nor the classical chino pants but something in between capable of satisfying different needs. These men's sportive and elegant pants are available in ecofriendly and breathable fiber versions, all in order to create comfort for the consumer. Mason’s easy pants show an elegant line but have a drawstring on the waist instead of buttoned closure, exactly to create a combinative style where the jogging pants has been reinstated and can be combined with a blazer to attend a formal event or with a military field jacket for the leisure time.

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    Milano Jogger Quadro/riga Milano Jogger Man Chino Pants striped check print
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