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Printed patterns on pants and blazers

Printed patterns have become a must have in women's apparel as they immediately convey the idea of novelty and freshness that all women like so much and provide the possibility to create very sophisticated and customized look. Mason’s offers the animalier prints on all the fabrics either in its zebra or leopard versions, the camouflage prints in all sizes and represents Mason’s DNA in the whole wide range of check print, houndstooth and Prince of Wales prints. In our winter collection you'll find everything from women's coat in animalier prints to viscose dress in zebra print and skinny pants in camouflage print or the suit of blazer and chino pants in laminated Prince of Wales print, all ever-present items to mix with the rest of Mason’s clothes in order to always be trendy and elegant.

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    Elisa Woman Coat Large Corduroy Mod. Elisa
    £303.75 Regular Price £405.00
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    Newyork Slim Chino Pant Woman Mod. NewYorkSlim
    £146.25 Regular Price £195.00
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    Smocking In Velluto Smocking Woman Blazer smooth velvet with rose print
    £246.75 Regular Price £329.00
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    Nicole Viscosa St.rosa Nicole Woman Shirt viscose with Rose print
    £123.75 Regular Price £165.00
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    Glenn Viscosa St.tappeto Glenn Woman Dress viscose carpet print with studs
    £186.75 Regular Price £249.00
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    Chloe Viscosa St.tappeto Chloe Woman Dress viscose carpet print with black lace
    £186.75 Regular Price £249.00

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