Pants of modal and viscose masons

Pants of modal and viscose: natural and trendy

The modal and viscose are natural and ecosustainable fabrics: they proved to be very comfortable thanks to their silky consistency but also they have ensured durability and provide a contemporary look. The viscose and modal blends represent the evolution that is taking place in our wardrobe towards a new conception of dressing up focused on naturalness and on the feeling of being well. Mason’s is using those fabrics to fashion its women's pants in a combinative manner for perfect performance in terms of style and quality and is also testing them in more extreme fits, i.e in low crotch women's pants to satisfy the needs of the exigent consumer who always follows the ultimate fashionable trends. The viscose and the modal are stretch and soft fabrics, won't wrinkle, and dry fast, all these features are very much appreciated by those who live a hectic life.

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    New York Slim Velluto Liscio New York Slim Woman Chino Pants smooth velvet
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    Jaquelin Curvie Jaquelin Curvie Woman Chino Pants Gabardine with studs
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    Judy Gabardina Zebra Judy Woman Chino Pants gabardine of viscose cotton with studs
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    Arizona Raso Arizona Woman Cargo Pants viscose satin with studs
    £146.25 Regular Price £195.00

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