Mason's Men's technical jackets

Men's technical jackets of eco-sustainable nylon

Mason’s technical jackets were born as a result of long experiments that aimed to create impermeable breathable and eco-sustainable jackets for cold weather in clean and classical lines. That's how 3 perfect pieces of outerwear were created to meet the different requirements of a hectic lifestyle always on the road. The softcoat of eco-sustainable dynamic fabric is an elegant trench coat with detachable puffer front insert in camouflage print, this technical short coat is an indispensable piece of clothing for the city life to ensure that you are always impeccable but protected at the same time. The soft parka of breathable and eco-sustainable nylon decorated with fluorescently blue details, is structured but comfortable piece of clothing and finally the ultra-technical parka which was developed to protect the one who wears it from adverse weather conditions. Obviously all the jackets of recycled nylon can be combined with the long men's pants and the winter blazers available in the collections.

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