Mason's Fragrances



An Italian tradition that continues today in the city with the oldest art of creating essences Florence. An artisanal production of perfumes for men and women of the highest quality. Mason's Beauty, a sensory journey that nourishes the body and the soul, a collection of three olfactory emotions and a body line, for him and for her.


The unisex mother fragrance, Black Camou, is among the best perfumes of this season: a symbol of travelers in search of emotions, it is a riot of fresh masculine and warm feminine aromas. Citrus and fresh notes meet other musky notes and Ambergris reigns on the background of the fragrance. The harmonization of passages of speech and distant worlds gives the Essence the promise of new discoveries.

Mason's Fragrances UNISEX


Green Camou is one of the most popular men's fragrances: it is in fact the masculine fragrance par excellence, the essence that materializes phenomena kept in the memory and is a faithful travel companion. Green camou releases an oriental aroma, which guides our senses through incense and patchouli, woods and amber from Nepal. An Infusion of wood and myrrh evoking the instincts of freedom and energy for a discreet and masculine fragrance, without clichés or caricatures.

Mason's Fragrances Men


White Camou is the best-selling woman perfume in Italy: a sparkling breath, the beginning of a new adventure. It is feminine energy expressed in all its facets, embracing the notes of iris and rose, lime and cedar wood. A bouquet of floral aromas that transmits intense olfactory emotions for a sensory journey through uncontaminated and real  places.

Mason's Fragrances Men