Heritage: the military archives of Mason's men's collection

Heritage represents Mason’s DNA: historical clothes of gabardine taken from the military archives but updated in terms of fit, details and treatments. All these clothes are perfect for their total military outfit at the same time they are also ideal for the “mix and match” style to combine with other clothes from Mason’s collection. The Chile and Bolivia models, men's cargo pants are best sellers. Eisenhower and Milano style are the slim fit of men's chino pants that are versatile and suitable for every occasion. The camouflage winter field jacket is an indispensable and always fashionable item in everybody's wardrobe and finally the men's parka with studded details to get a bold and cutting edge look tuned to the latest trends. The Heritage family is expanding with the men's pants notable for their Airfield type pockets and decorated with “Pollock” prints and waistband carrying Mason’s logo, plus Eaglefield men's chino pants with hand stamps and paint sprinkles for the exigent customer who loves wearing very customized clothes.

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