Blazer and waistcoat men's outerwear Mason's

Blazer and waistcoat: men's outerwear Mason's

Mason’s blazer and waistcoat form a very important part of our collection as they complete the world of men's pants by reinforcing it and giving it still more character. Winter blazers and waistcoats are often fashioned in the same prints or fabrics as those of the pants, exactly to ensure the possibility to create the really perfect piece of clothing for every formal occasion. At the same time, the single color or printed men's jackets can be combined with men's chino pants following the philosophy of mix and match, which Mason’s cherishes very much. Essentially the combinations are meant to be created based on personal preferences, therefore one camouflage waistcoat can be worn with pants in Prince of Wales print and a single color blazer as Mason’s collection has been developed so that all the clothes are harmony.

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